This Week’s Wedding Announcements

This Week’s Wedding Announcements

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Steph Davis and Ian Mitchard met at various air sports events and gatherings over the years but did not fall in love until the late fall of 2013 when both were car camping and sky diving near Skydive Arizona in Eloy, Ariz. She was sleeping in her Honda Fit and he in the green rusty van he called home at the time. On a few of their early dates, they cooked dinner together in his van. “I had no kitchen so she brought the stove,” he said.

She also brought the quinoa, which was their main course. After dinner, Mr. Mitchard played the guitar. ”I was like ‘Hey, Ian is really cute,’” she recalled. “I never really noticed that before.”

At the time, she was emerging from a long depression after the death of her second husband, Mario Richard, who died while wingsuit flying during a flight with Ms. Davis in 2013 in Italy’s Dolomite Mountains. (Ms. Davis’s first husband, whom she had divorced, was Dean Potter, a well-known rock climber, slack rope walker and all-around daredevil who died in 2015 in a wingsuit flying accident in Yosemite National Park.)

“When Ian and I fell in love, I didn’t expect it to happen on any level,” she said. “But, I’d just been through a pretty difficult experience where I didn’t expect it. We have to accept the bad things, we have to, but also the good things.”

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Mr. Mitchard, who was teaching sky diving in California at the time, soon drove to Moab and moved into Ms. Davis’ home, a 1968 double-wide trailer with about 20 pairs of climbing shoes lined up neatly on the porch. When he arrived, she welcomed him with a homemade apple pie. “I’m one to deliberate on decisions, especially of that magnitude, but this one just felt like the right decision,” he said.

They have a lot on common. Both approach their dangerous pursuits methodically. Both love coffee and cats. They are frugal; avoid meat, sugar and television; dislike shopping for clothes and do not carry any debt. Her Instagram feed, with nearly 90,000 followers, is filled with photos of their climbing and flying adventures around the world. On it, she recently described the groom this way: “My partner in everything, soul flyer, fixer of stuff, blow dryer of kittens, maker of music and spreadsheets.”