Wedding planning: Do you have to invite kids and other important questions

Wedding planning: Do you have to invite kids and other important questions

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She is the bride the world has been waiting to see but will the world ever forgive Pippa Middleton for her decision to apply the “no ring, no bring” rule to Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle?

The sexy Suits star may have subsequently been given an all-access pass to Middleton’s big day next Saturday at St Mark’s Church in Englefield, but the rule still stands for the groom’s brother — and best man — Spencer Matthews, whose model girlfriend Vogue Williams didn’t get an invite at all.

The tensions resulting from such marital manoeuvrings can make or break a big day, and if Middleton, whose sister is a Duchess and whose parents run a party business, can’t get it right what hope do regular folk have of surviving the minefield that is modern wedding etiquette?

Suits star Markle appears to have now been given an all access pass. Picture: AFP Photo / Andrew Cowie

Sunrise presenter Edwina Bartholomew, who is about to venture into the world of wedding planning after becoming engaged to long-term partner Neil Varcoe last month, is one who thinks Markle is lucky to get an invite at all.

“There will be so much focus on Pippa’s wedding and that focus should really be on her,” she tells Insider.

“Harry is her sister’s brother-in-law. That’s a bit distant anyway. Technically that probably doesn’t fall into the plus-one category. I think she is pretty lucky to get an invite!”

And as Insider discovered, even the experts don’t always agree on the other big questions which arise around the wedding day.


Many people are split on this decision, but it’s a no-brainer for Bartholomew.

“We love kids and want everyone to bring them along. They often steal the show during the ceremony and I always find that very amusing,” she says.

Timing is a major factor when deciding whether to invite kids, says Sydney wedding planner Kathy Apostolidis, owner of Nightingales and who co-ordinated the wedding of singer and TV host David Campbell and his wife Lisa.

“With something quite formal you don’t ordinarily bring a child. It’s not that it’s inappropriate, it’s just that it’s impractical,” she tells Insider.

“Not for evening weddings. As per a normal workday, kids would go to bed at a certain time and I don’t believe they should be up for an evening reception.”