Wedding Food Trends For 2016: Happy Food For Your Big Day!

Wedding Food Trends For 2016: Happy Food For Your Big Day!

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Indian weddings are all about food and more food. Innovative stuff, crazy stuff and heaps of gulab jamuns, sigh! But as you know, the wedding scene in India is completely moving towards trendy, fun food – that is, including our own food to create newer ideas and amazing fusion food. But as the season begins now for weddings, it’s best to be abreast of everything in our favourite category – FOOD! So, without further ado, the coolest ideas that are rocking the wedding scene this year!

DIY Stations


Pic via My Domaine Mag

We have already written about stations making the rounds at weddings but you should know they are now taking the DIY route. Which means, make your own parfait, your own roll or your own pasta etc. DIY is a big trend in food – just personalising your yummy fare guys, what’s not to love!

Bite-size Babies


Picture Courtesy: Moets Catering

This one is super simple and super trendy. Take a food idea you love and make the same in a baby size. How cute, right? So baby naans, baby corn on a stick, baby hotdogs, baby burgers, baby parathas, baby idlis…you get the drift!

Reinvented Chaats


Picture Courtesy: Devika Narain

Indian street food is revised and renewed to fit the bill. This time, chaats, farzaans, street khana is being modernised and reinvented. Chinese bhel, Sprouts chaat, corn puris, chaat canapes…it’s all fun and delish!

No Cake! What?

Eat Drink Design

Picture Courtesy: Eat Drink Design

Cake is so last season. So it’s time for macarons, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies to take their place. Even new-agey food like layered desserts and doughnuts are taking over the quintessential cake. We’re loving it!

Food Trucks

purple tree

Picture Courtesy: Decor From Purple Tree Events

A little twist on the DIY stations is the fun food truck. Get your theme in place – Italian, American, Rajasthani, Ice-Cream etc and have fun with it while serving your guests some yummers!

Comfort Food is Back


Pic via The Knot

What was your comfort food at home? Bisi bhele baath, french fries, garlic naan…you name it. All of these are being reinvented to create new fusion food. Naan pizzas are big now, french fries drizzled with fun sauces and peppered with bacon or garlic is also popular – so look to renew your favourite comfort food!

Asian Food With a Twist


Asian food is all over the place and we Indians have added more spice to it to create an Indian identity. Example: Indian Chinese! Anywho, Asian food has seen a big upheaval and we are happy – so say hello to sushi, dimsums and bite-sized tempura.

Kiddy Food Ideas


Picture via Abhinav Bhagat

What do kids love? Candy and sugary treats. That’s why every wedding nowadays is having a candy station filled with yummy kiddy goodies. From childhood favourites like 5star, gems to fun ideas like doughnuts, jam sandwiches and more, there’s so much to get your groove on.

Thaalis Are Back

tanisha nikhar

Picture Courtesy: Decor by Cineyug

Traditional thaalis are back with a bang but now, they come with Masterchef-inspired curries and fusion food. So in a way, it’s all of the yummy food in little katoris to soothe your soul.

Go Local

happy frames

Picture Courtesy: Happy Frames Photography

Local ingredients are now being used largely in wedding food. If the wedding is in the hills, local produce is sourced and new dishes are created. If you are at a beachy place, fresh sea-food etc. Even fruits used are according to the region – from strawberries to blueberries to pears. Using local ideas is the newest trend ever!

And lastly, Personal, Personal


Picture Courtesy: Sonder Frames

Personalised food is big this year. That means, food that is made with the bride and groom’s memories. A couple we know had fries and hotdogs because they met in New York or Mango and sticky rice because their first meal as a couple was in Thailand. So don’t forget to add a special side to your wedding that’s personal.