Tips to protect jewelry during monsoon

Tips to protect jewelry during monsoon

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Jewelry gold

Jewelry gold. Photo: Getty images

New Delhi: The monsoon has a lot to offer, but the season might turn out to be a little tricky for your jewelry. Keep it dry and use the right products to clean it, suggest experts.

Fine jewelry designer Pallavi Foley, Yogesh Salla, jewelry designer, Bjewelz – a premium jewelry retail brand by Birla Jewels Limited, and Pradnya Mahaske, design team, CaratLane – an omni-channel jeweler shares a few tips:

» If your jewelry gets wet, make sure to dry it thoroughly before you put it back in the case. Avoiding tissue paper to wipe your jewelry can help it last longer.

» Gold and platinum are generally counted as neutral metals. But gold jewelry tends to catch dust and dirt quickly when kept in humid environment. It’s advisable to clean your ornaments with soap water and store it in a dry place to retain its beauty.

» Store your jewelry in a clean and dry place, such as a jewelry box or case that is fabric lined. I”s always better to store multiple jewelry in different boxes, otherwise, they may get entangled or scratched due to friction.

Diamond jewelry

» Silver has a tendency to turn black hence during monsoon, hence it needs more care. To clean your silver jewelry, either wash it using toothpaste and a soft cotton cloth or alternatively take it to a jeweler. Using Silicon gel bags may be a good idea for silver too.

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» Monsoons also bring with them high humidity. The temptation to spray does and perfumes are high. But bear in mind that they may harm your precious gems. If you are partial to fine jewelry embellished with diamonds and other precious stones, be very careful when you spray fragrance or hairspray.


» If you plan to be out all day then perhaps smaller pieces on a rainy day would make more sense, since often it may happen that the neck pieces may be moist all day due to the hair being wet.