Tanning peptide- Benefits of using self-tanner and its method of usage

Tanning peptide- Benefits of using self-tanner and its method of usage

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If you are in need of getting the fake tan then using the Melanotan 2 peptide is the best option for you. Melanotan is the peptide that helps to induce the natural secretion of the melanin. This peptide is usually made as well as circulated inside your skin when your skin is exposed to UV radiations, and hence, your skin becomes darker, or we can say that it gets tan. Melanotan 2 is engineered analogue of the Melanotan peptide that is designed especially to get the tan on the skin or to become darker.

Melanin is a hormone that is naturally secreted in your skin, and it helps to regulate the pigments in your skin. Hence, if more melanin is produced in your body, then your body will appear darker.  Now let’s discuss about Melanotan 1 and 2. Melanotan 1 is considered as the less intense peptide, and its impact is less noticeable and takes more time to show its impact. It is secure and has fewer side effects on your skin. Whereas Melanotan 2 is more intense peptide and it acts faster and is the best alternative to get the fake tan on your skin.

Melanotan 2 peptide come as dried white freeze lyophilized powder that is contained in the sealed multi-use vial. And in the market, it is sold in ten-milligram size. The reason behind the less quantity is that a person must take its low doses and lower dose are best to ensure freshness.

Why gets the self tan using tanning peptide?

  • Easily available- this self-tanner is easily available online as well as at offline shops for people. But buy it online to get the product within fewer periods. You need not waste your time to get the product through an offline shop. Also, the online shop provides you the quality product.
  • Easy to use– self-tanner like the tanning peptide are easy to use, and it is rather cheaper than other methods of getting the fake tan. Unlike going to spa or salons where they will provide you with artificial tanning methods you can yourself read the direction of use of this product and apply on your skin to get tan easily.
  • Affordable- tanning peptide comes for the affordable price, and this is the reason that everyone buys it. You can also buy it and tan like your favorite star. You will not need to go to the market waste your time and energy on finding the best spas etc. when you can get this tanning product at your home at affordable price.
  • Provide you safe tan– self-tanner are safer than the tan caused by the UV rays. You do not face any skin disease or skin cancer as happening in a case of UV rays exposure. You may get some allergy from the self-tanners, but that is minor, and side effects are also very less that can be cured easily by taking doctor’s advice.
  • Fast acting product– tanning peptide act faster than any other tanning product your body gets the real flawless glow that makes your body and skin tone same and you appear to be much hotter like an actor or superstar. This tanning peptide can be used by both men and women to get the fake tan. The results of this product come faster, and it is long lasting.

Now you know the reason to use the self-tanner, and now we are going to discuss about how to get Melanotan 2 peptide online and the process of administration of this product .

In the beginning, it is recommended for the customer to take the 250mg dosage so that your body gets adjusted to this peptide as well as to minimize any reaction. When you think your body is now adjusted to this peptide, you can increase the dosage. You increase your dosage from 250 to 500 mg. This dosage will make you tan faster and if you feel to further increase the dosage then consult your advisor or doctor and if he or she agrees to it then only increase your dosage. Sometimes increase in the dosage results in abnormalities and side effects hence, it is better to take the dosage recommended by the doctor.

What is better injection or nasal spray?

Also, the peptide comes in many forms like oral, nasal, injections, etc. but most people claim that injection is the better for administration for this peptide. Using injection, you get better and faster result. Nasal sprays are not so effective but show 30-40% effectiveness only this is because the nasal passage usually had poor absorption rate. Also, you are needed to apply three times or more this nasal spray as compared to injection. Thus, an injectable product of melanotan is best as it shows quick results within ten days.

How to reduce side effects produces, if any?

Melanotan 2 peptide at first shows some side effects which is produced because your skin takes time to adjust to this product. These side effects include appetite loss, nausea, drowsiness, increased sex drive. To avoid such side effect, you can take antihistamine this can be injected until your body gets adjusted to the peptide.  Another way to minimize the side effects it to apply the Melanotan 2 peptide injections just before you go to bed.

We have discussed about self-tanner, its direction of use and ways to minimize its side effects to get better results within a short period. Then what are you waiting for get the tanning peptide at your home to get the best fake tan then ever you had. Especially those people who have white skin and a lot of spots or fine lines on their face must use this product which will help them hide these spots. Also, the marks present on your body will mingle with the tan, and it will be hidden. Thus, whenever you go to any party or public places wearing the short dress, you will look glamorous in fake tan. You can outshine with that perfect skin tone caused due to fake tan.