Stein Plastic Surgery Discusses facelift surgery

Stein Plastic Surgery Discusses facelift surgery

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Stein Plastic Surgery in Raleigh, North Carolina specializes in head and neck surgery.  Positive ratings and reviews highlight the professional and successful nature of this Health Practice, along with its doctors such as Adam Stein of Raleigh NC who has had years of phenomenal success.

Why do people consider plastic surgery? The reason is quite often based around confidence; if you do not look how you want to look this can significantly belittle your confidence. If you feel that face and neck surgery could improve your life then why not contact Stein Plastic surgery and have a consultation with Dr Adam Stein. Dr Stein will discuss all of your options with you and show you pictures of the desired effect. Your consultation and surgery will be bespoke and individual, as everyone’s desires and facial make up are different.

Some facts about the surgery include that it may take up to 3 hours and it might be under local or general anaesthetic depending on the exact procedure chosen and on your personal preferences. You may have an overnight stay in hospital but most of the recovery will be done at home. After surgery there should be no major visible scars as this would defeat the object somewhat.  Small incisions are made along the hairline so that the hairline hides most of the minor scaring. As the incisions are made along the natural crease lines in front of your ear then again this helps to disguise them until they are not noticeable within a couple of months.

Why not come along to Stein Plastic Surgery in Raleigh NC where we can have a full discussion regarding the options available to you and we can discuss the look that you are trying to achieve. You will be able to ask the whole team including Dr Stein as many questions as you would like, we will always give you a complete answer. If you wish to then book in your surgery that is fine, if you prefer to go home and discuss this with your friends and family, then that is equally agreeable. Here at Stein plastic surgery we fully appreciate that this is a very big decision that may take some time to fully digest. If you decide to go ahead with the procedure the medical team including Dr Stein of North Carolina will make your surgery as smooth as possible.

The whole team at Stein Plastic Surgery will be available to answer any questions and they will make your stay as comfortable as possible. The procedure of making incisions, separating and trimming the fat that will be suctioned from your face, pulling and tightening the skin, will all be going on without your knowledge whilst you are under anaesthetic.

When you are awake and on the road to recovery your surgeon, such as Dr Adam Stein will explain what you can and cannot do for the next few weeks. You may have to adjust how you sleep for the first couple of weeks. Bathing and showering may need small adjustments and heavy lifting and strenuous exercise should be avoided. When you are fully recovered and receiving fantastic compliments then please pop to the Stein Plastic Surgery website and leave us a five star rating and review.