Which social media marketing platform is right for your business?

Which social media marketing platform is right for your business?

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It’s become the buzzword in a lot of industries now, and regardless of whether or not you employ a marketing agency or do it yourself, one of the first things that any small business does is to set up their social media channels.

However, not all social media marketing channels are equal, in different industries at least. For example, while Facebook might be the perfect fit for Fred’s car business, Instagram might be more suitable for Rachel’s art gallery.

Following on from the above, let’s take a look at all of the main players in social media and show what works best for each business.


Let’s start with the network that everyone is most familiar with. This is the main reason why companies start turning to Facebook; it has got a huge number of users and of course this can translate to a lot of potential customers.

Its ad targeting is some of the most granular out there, and this in itself can spell major profits for businesses. At the same time, its adverts are becoming more expensive because of their highly-targeted nature, and this can make it unaffordable for some. Nevertheless, at least in terms of simply having a free Facebook business profile, it’s completely worthwhile if you have the time to manage it. Additionally, all businesses can be suited to Facebook.


This is another network that we mentioned in the opening to this article. Instagram might be much newer than Facebook, but it is expanding rapidly. Not only is it growing, but it is also regarded as the king of engagement.

For those that might not have used Instagram in the past, this is a network that prides itself on visuals. As such, if you have a business where it’s easy to grab people’s attention through photos (such as Rachel’s art gallery), it stands to reason that this is a good choice.


If you have the time, YouTube is another one of those platforms that can be hugely beneficial to your business. In the case of Fred’s car business, simply putting on how-to videos related to automobiles can bring in an incredible amount of traffic, and of course raise brand awareness.

Whether or not this is doable for the typical local business is debatable though. Producing videos takes time and as YouTube is a global platform, you won’t necessarily be showcasing your video to potential customers anyway.


Like Instagram, this is another social platform that relies on visuals. Pinterest has some really favourable statistics for companies though; it’s the social network that people are most likely to buy through. In other words, customers are more likely to spot a product on Pinterest and ultimately buy it.

It is becoming easier than ever before to integrate Pinterest into websites and particularly if you have a company that operates in the interiors industry, or anything related to the home, the benefits can be very positive for you.