Shopping for Scented Candles: 5 Aromas You Must Try

Shopping for Scented Candles: 5 Aromas You Must Try

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A fragrance is much more than just a smell; depending on the particular scent, and our brain’s association with it, it can instantly lift our mood, make us nostalgic, relax us or even depress us. This is why scented candles are such an excellent way to set the mood for a particular occasion. However, shopping for them can be a bit tricky if you have not tried a specific fragrance out before. In order to make your decision just that bit easier, here are five aromas that you just have to try, along with an introduction to how they may affect everyone around them.

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If you are looking for a scent to relax you just before going to bed or after a particularly tiring day at the office, you cannot go wrong with lavender. The scent is often used to treat sleeplessness and it has that rare effect of instantly lifting your mood.

Pine and Lemon (or Citrus)

The woodsy sweet smell of pine and the tangy scent of lemons, when combined together, can transform you into a different world altogether. The Headmaster’s Office candle takes full advantage of this and it isn’t hard to imagine for anyone familiar with the Harry Potter series that if there really was a Dumbledore’s office, this is probably how it would have smelled! In general, this is a combination which is energetic and stress relieving at the same time.


This is used in candles that are designed to make you feel warm and cozy, especially during the holidays. However, there is actually some research to suggest that the sweet smell of cinnamons may also improve cognitive functions like memory, attention span, and motor responses. So if you want your candles to emanate the pleasant smell of intelligence, this would be it!

Freshly-Cut Grass

If you have a lawn, and you are in the habit of mowing it every once in a while, you should be no stranger to the smell of freshly-cut grass. Do you find it joyful and uplifting? If you do (like most people across the world), then you cannot go wrong with this one when shopping for scented candles. It stimulates the nervous system in the most positive way possible and may even act as a strong antidepressant, especially for the elderly.


Vanilla is rated very highly in terms of being an aroma that can positively impact people’s moods. It usually invokes a sense of relaxation and joy simultaneously and may even act as an appetizer for a lot of people. As you can imagine, the smell of vanilla also works pretty well as an olfactory antidepressant.

It should be noted that while the smells and their effects mentioned above hold true for a majority of the population, not everyone will feel the same way. Some of us are wired differently and life experiences can greatly change perception, even the olfactory ones. However, that is also a good thing as the experience of smelling that new scented candle can be a unique and personal one for you, as compared to that of everyone else in the room.