Run A Business In Beverly Hills Using A Virtual Office

Run A Business In Beverly Hills Using A Virtual Office

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When trying to build your company from the ground up, you will face many operational challenges starting out. Even if you have a storefront from which to work, you will still need an office to conduct business without interruption. Unfortunately, living in Southern California means that paying rent for a dedicated office space can be costly. As such, why not go outside the box and utilize a virtual receptionist? At Global Business Centers, we offer a variety of virtual office services that will help your small enterprise thrive.

What is a Virtual Office?

Technically speaking, this is a service that allows you to get all of the primary benefits of renting a physical space, just without the costly overhead. This means that you can rely on us to handle a lot of your day-to-day operations while you focus on building your brand and servicing your customers.

What Can You Expect From a Virtual Office?

Live Receptionist

If you are using a personal phone to handle all of your work-related calls, you know that it can be a major pain. This is particularly the case if clients or associates try to reach you outside of regular business hours.

With a virtual office, you can have access to one of our receptionists who can take messages, direct calls to your phone, and everything else required of the position. Best of all, you get all of this at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone full-time.

Mailing Address

This is a fantastic option for online companies that don’t currently have an address outside of your home. This way, you can put a prestigious Beverly Hills area code on your business cards. We will accept packages and mail that you can pick up at your leisure.


If you need an actual office in which to work, we also have that available for you. We can set you up in a standard unit or an executive suite, depending on your needs. If you want something to wow clients, our executive option will be the right way to go. You can rent the space for a day, a week, or ongoing, based on your requirements and your budget.

If you want to focus more on growing your business, let Global Business Centers take care of you with a virtual office.