Laden with 20 kg jewellery, ‘Golden Baba’ hogs limelight at Kumbh

Laden with 20 kg jewellery, ‘Golden Baba’ hogs limelight at Kumbh

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But Baba faces allegations that he is involved in criminal cases and recently a constable lodged FIR against him

Prayagraj(Allahabad): The ‘Golden Baba’ of Juna Akhara, who adores wearing gold jewellery, is always in the limelight. He is escorted by 25 armed guards at Kumbh. He is known across the Kumbh site for wearing 20 kg gold ornaments as well as a diamond watch worth Rs 27 lakh. However, a cop had recently lodged a complaint against him.

Who is ‘Golden Baba’ ?

  • The real name of ‘Golden Baba’ is Sudhir Makkad. He is also known as Golden Puri. He is associated with Juna Akhara.
  • Earlier, he owned clothing and property business at Gandhinagar in Delhi. There are allegations of his involvement in several criminal cases.
  • Golden Baba is always the centre of attraction at Kumbh for wearing jewellery worth lakhs.
  • Baba says he is a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He has been undertaking Kanwar Yatra (annual pilgrimage of devotees of Shiva) for the last 25 years. This time, 25 private guards accompanied him during the yatra.
  • According to him, gold ornaments are like deities for him. That’s why every year the quantity of the precious metal that he wears around his neck and on his wrists increases.

FIR against Baba

On January 6, a constable Satish Kumar had lodged an FIR at Daraganj police station. He had alleged that he had been posted as a gunner for the protection of Golden Baba since November 30. It is alleged that on December 5, Baba asked Satish Kumar to accompany him to Ghaziabad.

When he refused to leave the district without permission, Baba threatened him. After this Satish went with Baba to Ghaziabad but there Baba asked the cop to accompany him to another state. When he refused again, a false case of theft was lodged against Satish.

The constable said he feared Golden Baba could kill him. The police registered a case on the complaint lodged by Satish.