JEE Advanced Important Chapters

JEE Advanced Important Chapters

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The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) 2017 is just a few days away and we know you are gearing up for this exam to get into one of the top engineering institutes in the country. In fact, the IITs are the top engineering institutes in the country. Around this time, you must be overcome with a lot of emotions – fear, anxiety, lack of confidence, overconfidence, panic, nervousness, and so on. You must be thinking that these have little or nothing to do with your academic preparation and performance but, in fact, these are behavioural problems that directly affect your performance in your exam and your score in the JEE Advanced results. This means that these behavioural problems stand in the way between you and your dream college. That makes them a huge problem! Right? So how to tackle them?

Learn Important Concepts Thoroughly

The most common problem students face in an exam is nervousness. They see an unfamiliar question and they stiffen up! You’re not likely to get the exact question that you practised. The things to remember is that the questions may differ but the concepts are most likely to repeat year after year. This is why we keep stressing the importance of learning those concepts to understand them, not mug them up. When you grab the basics, you can answer any question from them with confidence!

Be confident, not over confident

Another common and major problem most students face is overconfidence. It is well and good to have a sound base and be confident enough to answer any question, but most competitive exams are known for their tricky questions, especially in Multiple Choice Questions. So it is advisable to be alert and cautious while attempting any question. Some of the simplest questions are disguised in complexities and vice versa. So read and understand the questions carefully before selecting your answers.

Managing your time

Time is of great essence and in exams, the meaning of that expression reaches a whole different level. You need to answer a set number of questions in a set amount of time. Giving practice tests, solving previous years papers, cracking JEE Advanced important chapters, online mock tests, etc. will help train you to manage time well in your exam. They will also help you in identifying and avoiding careless mistakes because of lack of knowledge or overconfidence.
These are small but helpful tips to crack JEE Advanced that you can take to step up your preparation and improve your performance in your exams. Make sure you have the best books to guide you in your preparation. NCERT books are the best as they cover all basics thoroughly. But besides them, there are other books that you can refer to for guidance.
Do not forget that while the JEE Advanced is tough, it is not invincible. It can be hacked and it can be cracked. Make the most out of these few days left before the exams are upon you to step up your game!