How to Find Fireworks for Sale at Discounts

How to Find Fireworks for Sale at Discounts

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If you want to have a beautiful fireworks display, the very first thing you are likely to notice is that it is incredibly expensive to do so. You will be happy to know, however, that you can also find fireworks for sale at discounts. However, you need to know not just where to find them but also what to look for. Fireworks are explosives, after all, so you cannot simply buy anything.

Where to Find Fireworks for Sale at Discounts

The best place to find fireworks for sale at discount is, obviously, online. A quick Google search for discounted fireworks will reveal a wealth of results. The danger is, however, that many of these may be illegal fireworks that come from foreign countries and are unlikely to even make it into the country. It is very important, therefore, that you start by gaining an understanding of what you are and aren’t allowed within your particular area and that you then research the different fireworks for sale options to make sure that they are compliant with those rules and regulations.

A Brief Overview of Fireworks Laws in this Country

In this country, the laws that determine what is and isn’t allowed very not just between the different states but also between the different counties. Consumers will often cross their state and county borders to purchase fireworks that are technically illegal in their own jurisdiction. This is never recommended. Typically, there will be limits on both the sale and use of fireworks depending on the season and even on specific dates.

The first thing you should look for is what a definition of consumer fireworks is, which you can find through the Consumer Product Safety Commission. All over this country, in order for something to be classified as a consumer firework, it has to be limited to 500 g. This mate sound like very little, but it was only recently opened from 200 gram. Additionally, it may not have more than 15 mg of flash powder. Should you be looking for a reloadable shell, it may not be wider than 1.75 inch in diameter and if you want to find a shell with a pre-fused tube, it can not be wider than 2 inch in diameter. Exceeding those rules and regulations means that you will need to apply for an ATF licence.

If you are in Massachusetts, then you are not allowed to purchase or use any type of consumer firework. This includes sparklers and novelties. If you are in Illinois, you can buy and use fireworks but only would stick or wire sparklers and certain novelties. In Arizona, Colorado, California, Delaware, Connecticut, Idaho, Florida, Minnesota, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, North Carolina, Virginia, Rhode Island, the District of Columbia, and Wisconsin, you are allowed to buy and use non explosive and non aerial fireworks.

Meawhile, in Delaware, and new law was passed on May 24th 2018, which stated that none airborne and non explosive novelty items and sparklers were allowed but only on July 4th and December 31st. Additionally, these products cannot be sold outside of the 30 days preceding these dates.

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