The Facts and Figures of Android Development

The Facts and Figures of Android Development

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Anyone owning a smartphone today is familiar with Google Apps. It is the world leader today, with more than 5 million organizations and more than 50 million users, and more being added each day. Most people today use different applications on their phones to do a variety of jobs using just their phone. With the invention of the smartphone, queues for bill payment, tickets to the cinema, etc have vanished. One can even order clothes and eyeglasses using the Google Apps. Realizing the scope of Google Apps, organizations big and small are turning to it to promote their businesses and improve profits and other related benefits. Thus the Android Developer is a lucrative career these days for anyone with the right set of skills.

Android Development Concept

The concept of android development Mumbai aims to provide the people with the skills that they require being an adept Android Developer. It is spread over 4 weekends – 4 hours a day for 8 days – during which the learner progresses from basic concepts to advanced applications. This is done by a carefully designed and highly certified program, which utilizes the best hands-on techniques available these days. With comprehensive materials and interactive practical sessions, the learners are left with no choice except thorough mastery over the subject.


The comprehensive and exhaustive curriculum aims to provide knowledge on entire world of android, beginning from the birth of the concept to the present scenario. The use of different Android Development Tools is also taught along with many more concepts that shall make the learner confident and extremely competent in this field.

Delivery of the Concept

The concept works in three specific ways – online virtual classrooms, one to one live sessions, and team/corporate interaction. Online classrooms are the best means to understand the concepts and nature of the subjects, but the one to one session is simply the best for gaining in-depth knowledge from your own private mentor. Apart from that, the interactive practical sessions are real techniques as they enable the learner to really understand their field of study with working examples.

The Applicable Mode

Most people involved with the concept are highly experienced and knowledgeable with many years in the field. The Android Development Mumbai sessions are highly sought because of this. You get the right guidance through the entire time line of the subject providing interesting facts and details to ensure your mastery of the subject. Working with them shall endear you to the best industry practices and their practical sessions shall teach you how to handle the real world situations.

Benefits and Importance

With over 1 Billion activate android platforms this is a great opportunity for Android App Developers. With more and more individuals and organizations turning to the Android Apps for better marketing and saleability, the demand for Developers is very high. And a developer equipped with the right skill set and tools, this is a very lucrative opportunity. The course of android development Mumbai is designed in such a manner that all skills and techniques are delivered in a manner which is easy to understand and utilize.