The definitive summer jewelry guide

The definitive summer jewelry guide

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NIELSEN'S JEWELERS - Jan NielsenWith summer almost upon us, it’s time to bring out your summer clothes, and with it your summer jewelry! Summer is the time to flaunt those sparkling diamonds, colored gemstones, and bright metals.

2017 has one consistent must—personalization. That’s why we stock our store with unique pieces, so that you can find the ones that fit YOUR personality.

Here are some of the best trends for expressing yourself this summer:

Gold—Hoop earrings in any size, hammered gold pieces on earrings, necklaces, and the like, gold is an easy summer go-to that packs a big punch in the sun.

Bold Pendants and Layered Necklaces—Layering necklaces goes great with beach attire and has tons of customization options, while bold gemstone pendants that tell a story are a must-buy for the summer.

Bracelets, Bracelets, and MORE Bracelets—With your sweater changing to short sleeves, pile on the bracelets and wear them proudly.

Anklets—Anklets are often overlooked, but they’re a fun way to upgrade your summer look.

Just like you, your jewelry needs to be taken care of, so follow these tips to keep it looking GREAT this summer:


  • Never wear jewelry in the pool/hot tub; chemicals can damage and discolor metals, particularly white gold & silver.
  • Avoid sunscreens and lotions. These products will cover your jewelry and prevent light from creating the AMAZING sparkle you paid for.


If you do get a little lotion on your jewelry and that shine begins to dull, take advantage of our FREE cleaning and examination. We recommend coming in twice a year with the pieces you wear most frequently.