Dayanna Volitich on Pagan Weddings

Dayanna Volitich on Pagan Weddings

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Celebrating love and union is something that all people all over the world do. Because the world is now so open and accepting, people can marry the person they love in whatever kind of ceremony they like themselves. Some remain traditional, walking down the aisle on the arm of their father in a white dress before being given away to their man. Others break with traditions and get married under the sea or in any other location they like. And then, there is the pagan wedding. According to Dayanna Volitich, the pagan wedding is both traditional and modern. It is traditional because paganism is believed to be the oldest religion in the world. Yes it is more time because, until recently, it wasn’t possible to practice this religion at all.

Dayanna Volitich Describes the Pagan Wedding

A Pagan wedding ceremony is also known as a handfasting. The ceremony describes two people coming together in an equal, loving, forming partnerships. Swearing the oath to each other is incredibly serious for pagans and they believe that it is vital that they properly articulate their intentions towards the other in a considerate and severe manner. Hence, they do not follow standard and repeat it vows.

During the ceremony, the couple will swear to the gods and goddesses that they follow and they do this after having consulted with the priestess or priest who is the officiator at the ceremony. Of course, they will always vow to protect, respect, honor, and love each other and their children but they will also clearly describe how they perceive a committed relationship.

Traditionally, pagans complete a handfasting for one year and one day. Once that time period is over, they guns can effectively renew their vows as this is an opportunity for both parties to ensure they do not start to take each other for granted. Every time a new handfasting is done, they have to once again express their love and devotion in a sincere manner. It is also possible to hand fast for life and some pagans even and fast for future lives as well, if they believe in reincarnation.

Traditionally, the pagan ceremony is held outdoors and sacred space markings will have been placed. These markings on the four elements and the fifth element, that of spirit, it’s also included when all those present are officially welcomed. During the ceremony, the priestess or priests will call upon the gods and goddesses and ask them to bless the life of the couple. The right hands of the couple will then be bound together, after which they will swear their own individual outs and effectively define the relationship to everybody else. will then be unbound, which is symbolic of their free will to remain together. To conclude the ceremony, rings are sometimes exchanged and the couple will then “jump the broomstick”, symbolically moving into their new life and sweeping away the old. Of interest is the fact that slaves used to jump the broom in secret ceremonies as well, further proof that paganism is the oldest and most traditional religion of all.