Cyware: Your Cyber Situational Awareness Guide

Cyware: Your Cyber Situational Awareness Guide

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Congratulations! An email informs that you have received a huge moneyor says that you have won a fantastic prize which is ready to be shipped and asks for your personaldetails such as name, address, financial information and sometimes the sender asks to pay a prize fee or tax or shipping charges to get the prize. Someone calls youby claiming that they are from income tax or bank and say that youraccount has been locked and in order to rectify the problem, they need the username and password. Stop acting on such calls, it is completely fraud. People will not receive any call from banks or government authorities asking for sensitive details such as username, password or the financial details. The callers asking for such details are fraudsters who want to hack your account or misuse the details. March is a Fraud Prevention Month and in this month, let us take an oath to not fall for any such cyber attacks that can harm us in future.

One good way to recognize cyber attacks is to stay aware of the current cyber world and awareness is one such thing which a person has to follow daily. Cyware exactly does that. It helps people to stay aware about the latest happenings of the cyber world by presenting the most recent news ina summarized form, which can be readily consumed by the readers. For a general internet user, it is impossible to spend so much time on the internet to read every article related to cyber space, some cyber security articles may be of real worth and present the most needed information, but some are just like any other articles. However, in order to make the reader’s job easy and help them to stay aware,Cyware – Powered by IBM’s Watson technology scans hundreds and thousands of articles publishedon the internet on daily basis and presents only the valuable content that helps the readers to know about the current happenings. With the simple swipe, read, learn, and share concept, one can easily go through the article and share with their peers with a tap.

Cyware, with its objective to spread cyber situational awareness takes every step to publish an informative article in real-time that keeps the reader updated about the latest threats, internet frauds, and scams. With its exclusive security tips and advice category, the Cyware Lab experts share tips and suggestions to stay safe in the current digital world. Both general internet users, the cyber security experts can personalize their feed with the significantnews related to the new cyber technologies, trends, reports, and analysis, emerging threats, laws, policy and regulations in real-time. The Cyware mobile application app is available for both Android and iOS users, which can be easily installed in the mobile within few steps.