From Cézanne to moths: this week’s fashion trends

From Cézanne to moths: this week’s fashion trends

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Exercise is the new erotica.

Going up

The E Leoty ‘Corset’ sports bra Inspired by the Paris Ballet corsetry archives and sexier than proper bras. Exercise is the new erotica.

Tragedy layering The deep teenage protagonist of Oscar bait Call Me By Your Name does wonderful things with his polo-neck-under-shirt layering in the film’s finale.

The mormon suit As seen on Jonathan Groff in Mindhunter. So nicknamed by his girlfriend, Debbie (Hannah Gross) for its grey dullness, but nicely Dries Van Noten AW17 in its low-key, sophis, uber-drabness.

Topshop faux fur scrunchie.
 Topshop faux fur scrunchie.

Scrunchies Back in fashion (in an ironic way, obvs). We’re tentatively in. See Maison Michel’s or Topshop’s in faux fur.

Cézanne The thick, red fabrics, high necks and jaunty buttons. His portraits at the National Portrait Gallery are 19th-century Céline.

Going down

The advent calendar arms race Do we really need a gold-plated pot of organic eye cream every morning in December? Hands up if you’d be happy with a chocolate snowman.

Moths Top tip from Matches: buy knitwear with a smidge of untasty manmade fibre in there and you’ll keep moths at bay. Genius.

 Hair-raising. Photograph: Netflix

The hair of Stranger Things 2 Especially Billy’s and Eleven’s grown-out buzzcut.

Palm trees LA officials reckon that palm trees, the city’s alt symbol, will be no more in a few years due to an invasion of fungi and weevils.

Shirt bodies Shirts that double as bodies, to facilitate tucking in, have become a thing. No need, fellas.