How to Care For Church Suits?

How to Care For Church Suits?

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When it comes to women’s church suits, even if their comparison is done with invaluable things, it wouldn’t be any less. However, most of the times, women may not know much about the techniques that can help them keep their suits look as new as the latest buy. Helping you out, here are some tips that will definitely help you out.


The primary care of the suit begins from wearing it cautiously. Although they can rescue you from almost every stressful situation, however, it doesn’t mean that you should treat them as an invulnerable rock. So, to maintain them well, make sure that you own a couple of suits so as to neglect to make things harder for one piece.


One thing that you must not forget is that women’s church suits are different from regular clothing in terms of fabric, weight, size, and style. Thus, taking it off and throwing it carelessly here and there can cause a lot of harm to it. To neglect this activity, you can buy some wooden hangers that’d have broad shoulders and keep the suits neatly hanged.

Keep in mind that you are not using wire hangers or hanging the suits in closed spaces with other clothes.


The church suits necessitate periodic brushing, specifically when worn after the Sunday church visit. To do so, make sure you’re using a brush that wouldn’t harm the fabric of your suit. Such brushes are generally made of wooden handles or plastic, and animal hair bristles or synthetic. Brush the suit gently to take away the dirt particles, without putting too much pressure. 

Tackling Stains

Although it’s recommended to avoid staining the suits, however, if it does happen, don’t fret out. Instead, you must take action immediately. Use a soft dry cloth or a paper towel to blot the stain. Don’t press or rub too much. You can also use unscented baby wipes or clean water and cloth to get rid of marks.

Steam Over Ironing

As tempting as it may sound, pressing the suit with a hot iron can cause unnecessary troubles.Ironing can damage the designs and fibers of your suit. If you wish to straighten your wrinkled suit, you can use a steamer. It’d get rid of stains, wrinkles, dirt, as well as smells on the suit. Also, while steaming the suit, avoid the chest area. Here, you can give a quick swipe of the steam to make sure non-disruption of the internal canvas. 

Fewer visits to the dry cleaner

Giving the church suit frequently for dry cleaning can impact the lifespan of the clothing and leave several harmful effects. Make sure that you’re giving the suit to the drycleaner not more than a few times in the entire year. In fact, experts advise to avoid it as much as possible.

Buy a cloth garment bag

Once you’ve purchased the best collection of church suits, you must also invest in a good cloth garment bag and replace the old plastic bags. The adequate garment bag will allow proper ventilation and will protect it from moths, dust, and wrinkles. Also, keep in mind that the garment bag is lengthy and large enough to hold the suit correctly.

General tips

Apart from the tips mentioned above, here are some general techniques that you can use to keep your suit as new as possible. Read on and know more about it:

  • Avoid spraying perfumes directly on the suits to prevent marks and stains or damage to the suit fabric
  • Before cleaning or wiping the suit, make sure that you check the label of the manufacturer for proper instructions on how you can take care of your suit
  • Once you are done cleaning, avoid storing the suit in a plastic bag
  • If you are traveling and taking the suit along, you must carry a garment bag and pack the suit properly in it
  • Make sure that you are not filling up the pockets with unnecessary items as it can result in the fabric damage or can stretch the pockets, distorting the entire shape of it

Select only careful and experienced dry cleaner for elegant cleaning of the suit