Bonworth outlet store and how to look good in plus sizes

Bonworth outlet store and how to look good in plus sizes

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Bonworth, Americas favorite Mother-Daughter store make all of their women BeBonworthBeautiful, they cater for petite and plus size women, in terms of their staff and their clients. Part of their morals and ethics are that all women should feel good and without having to spend a fortune. The latter of this is emphasized by their excellent prices, they often have sales and promotional events for all different ages and sizes. Gurumoorthy Gurusankar their COO wanted her workforce to be women as a majority which she has definitely achieve in Bonworth in Henderson North Carolina and also across the US. All of these factors together have secured Bonworth’s reputation as one of the best outlet stores in the US. It has also ensured that Bonworth receives positive reviews and ratings on its online presence and that sales are also very good at the Henderson outlet store.

It is always slightly harder to dress well and for good value when you are other than average size, or that’s what we think but not if you shop at Bonworth outlet store in Henderson North Carolina. Bonworth follows all the rules for the fuller figure when stocking its outlet stores.

The first consideration is to wear clothes that fit properly, this means fit properly everywhere so that the arms or legs are also suited to your shape.

The next thing that Bonworth concern themselves with are that they do not want you to have to have something different or unfashionable or unstylish just because you are a different size to the  average. For this reason Bonworth will stock clothes in the same style in a variety of sizes.

Another great tip is that you need to emphasize your best features why hide your shapely legs or your bust, why not make the most of them in Bonworth ware.

The next thing that you can do is accessorize to the max! Bonworth offers handbags, jewelry, hats or head ware that will all accessorize and compliment your outfit. All of this at dropdown prices, and this is what Bonworth has to offer.

Just because you are a slightly larger size Bonworth doesn’t want you to have to hide away. Be daring, wear the bright colours. Bonworth does also realise that some sizes do flatter a fuller figure and they will stock lots of these for you to try. Straight up and down trousers will compliment your curves as will longer shirts. Dresses that gather under the bust will also emphasize and flatter your curves.

When you are going to a function remember you don’t have to stick to a dress. Black pants or a skirt with a vibrant top and great boots or shoes can look extremely stylish and maybe more flattering for you.

Bonworth staff will help you when trying to find the right outfit. Remember don’t just follow the fashion for fashions sake, go with your instinct on what suits you and most of all what you will feel comfortable in. If you do not feel comfortable in an outfit you will not have a happy relaxed day, and this is what the ladies at Bonworth Henderson North Carolina want for you.