Andrew Zobler, Founder & CEO of the Sydell Group

Andrew Zobler, Founder & CEO of the Sydell Group

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Andrew Zobler at the NoMadCourtesy of the NoMad

What makes a great hotel? According to Andrew Zobler the Founder and CEO of the Sydell Group, it’s about the ideal mix of character and comfort. We spoke with Zobler, the man behind some of the most incredible large-scale hotel developments around the world – the likes of  LINE DC, NoMad New York and LA, The Ned in London and the group’s latest addition, the NoMad Las Vegas – to begin to understand that alchemy.

The salon and bar at the NoMad credit: Nathanael TurnerBenoit Linero

1. For those not familiar with the Sydell Group – what makes you different from other large property developers?

We don’t think of ourselves as a large property developer. We see ourselves first as hoteliers. We play the role of developer when necessary in order to secure the hotel that we want to create, and we have a particular fondness for restoring old buildings with character and a rich history.

The bar ceiling at NoMad credit: Nathanael TurnerBenoit Linero

2. You have a number of different brands/hotels under you umbrella – walk me through some of the differences between each one?

People tend to want to think of our brands as high to low or luxury to value, etc. We don’t think that way. We think of our brands as having different styles and characteristics, and then we try to find buildings that call out to them. There is actually a lot in common among the brands that we have created, with the most underlying principal being that they are each focused on telling a story and creating a layered narrative for the guest to experience.