3 Elegant Wedding Ceremonies in Bali

3 Elegant Wedding Ceremonies in Bali

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Are you of the idea of having a simple wedding ceremony with 20 guests in Bali? Then be assured your prayers have been answered. The article is going to provide you with detailed content regarding various Bali ceremonies. The ceremonies are in terms of packages. There are many packages, but this piece is going to narrow them down into three.

The three elegant wedding ceremonies in Bali are?

Tropical night wedding

Many people don’t know the feeling of having a wedding at night. If you want one, choose Tropical night wedding in Bali. Mostly the event takes place in Ubud a place that’s full of cultural charm and very artistic. The photo session is done at the famed Ubud’s Rice Terraces. The terraces are famous worldwide due to their incredible beauty. Also, the environment is so greener compared with other places in Bali. There’s also Tegenungan waterfall in the nearby temple for more photos that can capture pure love and joy.

Virgin beach wedding

Have you ever asked yourself where those photos of couples walking barefooted on sand come from? These photos are from beaches. It doesn’t have to be an expensive beach. In Bali, the common one is The Virgin Beach. The scene gives the brides a sigh relief coupled with romantic, bright white sand.

The beach is situated at Karangasem at the East of Bali. The place is serein because of its miles away from busy tourist towns such as Seminyak and Kuta. It offers jaw-dropping views of the ocean, surrounding cliffs and the might mount Agung. If you are driving, it is a journey of two hours from south Bali. On your way, you see some of Bali’s best scenes.

Exotic elephant wedding

When one talks of elephants, most people immediately think of a zoo, movies, a circus or a game park. This is not the case with Exotic elephant wedding in Bali. It’s a real thing; it’s you and the elephant’s one on one. You not only see them but also ride them. The animals are one of the significant participants in your event. You can pamper them with flowers. They will take you to the altar and stand aside as they wait for you to make the vows.

You will have quality photo sessions with these giant creatures. This will be one of the unique weddings for you and your partner. People don’t think of making vows in the presence of elephants. In fact, it’s scarce. Why don’t you surprise them? You must lead as they follow.

Wrapping up

Weddings if done right can be a lesson for many. Just look for the best wedding planners in Bali, and your event will be outstanding. What are the tips of the best event planners? The organizers must have vast experience in matters relating to the wedding, they must have an office, and they must have good reviews. In Bali, there’s none but The Seven Agency. With the agency, your event will be worth a wedding.

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