10 Wedding Suit Rules for Grooms and their Party

10 Wedding Suit Rules for Grooms and their Party

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For a groom and his team, what you’re going to wear is one of the most important decisions you will make. The right outfit will not only make you look well put-together, it will also complement the bridal team, making your entire party look ravishing on your big day. Start looking around well in advance in case you don’t find a ready-made suit you like and you have to have one stitched for you.

While plenty of thought and time will have gone to the wedding dress and finding the ladies their perfect outfits, your suits deserve a little more than one fitting and a ‘that looks okay shrug’. It’s your big day too, so plan to look awesome by following these ten tips:

  1. Lapel width

Over the last few years, it has become trendy to have lapels that are cut narrow rather than wide. Narrow lapels not only look more fashionable and stylish, they seem timeless, and work better for a distinguished yet executive look. The rule of thumb is that the widest point of the tie should correspond with the widest point of the lapel.

  1. Pocket squares

Pocket squares, though a more traditional feature in suits, have made quite the comeback over the last few seasons. However, you can move away from the traditional block colors to textures and patterns that inject a splash of color into your otherwise plain suit (assuming you’re wearing a plain suit, that is!). Ensure that it is neatly folded for the classic pocket square, or you can scrunch up to give a fuller hanky-ish look.

  1. Body proportions

Your body proportions are the most important considerations when selecting a tailored or ready-made suit style. Men are built differently, and the same kind of suit that works on one may not flatter  the other.

  1. Shoulder fit

You know a well-fitting suit by the way it fits your shoulders. You can change almost everything in a suit that doesn’t fit, except the shoulders – even the best of tailors will hesitate before trying to change this part of a suit. A fitted suit has its shoulders exactly hugging your shoulders. If the seam goes past your shoulder line, then it’s too big. If you feel some snugness under the armhole and around the shoulder then it’s too small.

  1. Colors

Talk to the bride in advance if you have any color preferences before she settles on a color theme for the décor and/or bridesmaids dresses. Of course, you can never go wrong with classics like black, grey and navy, but it’s important to also consider your skin tones (ask the lady what this is about!) when choosing a color. Textures can help to change up your classic colors.

  1. Belts

Like everything else, narrower belts are more stylish for wedding suits. Consider doing away with the best loops altogether, and instead have a clean and simple style, especially for a smart casual look. S

  1. Vents

Single vents look better on a majority of jackets. However, double-breasted jackets should always have double-vents.

  1. Buttoned or not?

If you can’t button the suit when seated, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the suit is small. In fact, many well-fitting suits can be buttoned up when standing, but need to be unbuttoned when sitting down. This is perfectly fine.

  1. Sleeve cuff

There’s no hard-and-fast rule about how much cuff to display. However, it’s common to allow 1cm of the cuff to peek under the jacket; any longer and the sleeves may look too short for you.

  1. Shoes

Finally, the perfect suit must be accompanied by the right kind of footwear. You can team up with your groomsmen and order shoes wholesale from a trusted supplier in order to reduce your costs.

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